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D'Ville Cottage

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Our Story

For as long as I can remember we were renting and staying in other people’s houses for vacations. Our tale begins in South Africa, where initially we rented beach houses along the Western Cape’s south coast in Jongensfontein and Witsand or along its west coast in St. Helena Bay and then, after emigrating to America, for our first European vacation in 2006, we rented an apartment in St. James’s Park in London, England through eBay, of all places. Risky, some said then, but it worked out perfectly. 

With the growth of the Internet and worldwide tourism, and an explosion in rental booking websites, we never looked back and never again booked a hotel room. Staying in vacation rentals became our norm. 

Whether it was a 19th century old bakery converted to a gite, on the village square in the tiny hamlet of Francueil, a stone’s throw away from Chateau de Chenonceau in France’s Loire valley; or a stayed on an Italian agriturismo, a tiny tourist farm, overlooking the Bay of Poets in La Spezia, entrance to Italy’s romantic Cinque Terre; or a modernized apartment behind the Pope’s Palace in Avignon’s historic district; or a quaint apartment among locals in the shadow of Montjuïc in Barcelona; or a tiny, hard-to-find, hole-in-the-wall in the labyrinths of Venice or a terraced apartment in Rome where we were gladly tucked in between a macellaio, a butcher, and a shop that sells cheeses, the experience was always superior to hotels. 

Staying in D'Ville Cottage you get the benefits of becoming an instant “local” for a few days, the privacy and freedom of movement that only a home offers and a range of amenities that are rarely offered in hotel accommodation.     

"Great hospitality is not serving the experience to someone; 

it’s creating the experience with someone.”

Will Guidara, renowned New York restaurateur.

Through the years we have enjoyed great hospitality and learned so much from our hosts and now that we are hosts of our own short term vacation rental cottage, we have mined our travel experiences and we pledge to offer our guests the same high-quality level of service we have received from our various hosts. 

D’Ville Cottage is the ideal home away from home when visiting friends or family, attending a homecoming at Centre College or at one of the high schools, attending a special event or any of the various festivals in Danville. 

Allow us to be your host and share our cottage and hospitality with you.

Your Host: Monica